Karuna Remixes Vol. 1 out now! Free Download!

Karuna Remixes Vol. 1 features remixes by amazing up and coming artists AMB, Soulacybin, Morillo, and Rorschack. These songs were originally on Karuna and were beautiful remixed by artists that were hand picked by David. The Karuna album project is close to David’s heart as he collaborated with Burmese refugees in various places along the border zones of Burma and Thailand. All of the royalties from the EP will go towards education for Burmese refugee children. Other artists featured on the album are Len Pong, HÄANA, Govinda, Jamie Janover, and Chi Suwichan. The album artwork originally created by the esteemed digital painter Android Jones, is reinterpreted by Donnie Pitts. Free download or streaming HERE