Thanks Final_Josh Adler_web
THANK YOU!!!!!! I’m so grateful to you for pledging to my Burmese Album Kickstarter!!! It was a big success and the final number was $8,765! I was so ecstatic to reach my stretch goal and there were 231 supporters that included my friends, family, fans and strangers that were a part of this journey. I couldn’t have done it alone and big part of this campaign was my incredible partner Tani Serene. She endured the late nights, brainstorming sessions and making sure I had time to get work done. Some people think that kickstarters are easy $, but it was a full time job sending out Facebook messages, emails, contacting blogs etc… There were amazing people that really came through that provided me with wonderful rewards including Shannon Shiang with Skins and Stones, Alan Joseph Designs and Luminous Flower. I also had help from my management The Madero Group and big love to my friend Ryan Powell that produced the video. I now can start finalizing plans for my trip and plan to be there mid Dec-mid Feb and hope to have the album done by April or May. I’ll keep everyone updated and will be an amazing adventure! 
Thanks again and I love you all!! Best, David