Zach Krausnick and David Starfire present “VR Galactic Gallery” at LIB fest!


Imagine walking into a pop-up art gallery, curated by Archival Ink Gallery at Lightning in a Bottle music festival, checking out amazing art from top visionary artists, then strapping on a Vive VR headset, headphones and a SubPac (physical audio device) and be transported to a cosmic art gallery, floating in the universe and experiencing the same art from the physical art gallery. This is the experience you will have at Lightning in a Bottle music festival where the debut of the VR Galactic Gallery experience can be found. The VR Galactic Gallery will be fully interactive where the user can grab items and move them around and also physically “feeling” the music and sound by means of wearing a SubPac.

Details of the experience:
You begin on a platform floating in outer space with a table holding the controllers. As you walk over and pick one up, the world starts to form around you. The art canvases fly upwards as well as the trees and other elements entering into the area. You are surrounded on three sides by flying panels hosting artwork from various visionary artists. Hovering candles in the space illuminate the pieces and you can grab them and readjust them to your liking. You can learn about the artists and flip the boards around to see more artwork. There are various “toys” in the space as well such as particle paintbrushes and lenses to look through to distort your experience.

This concept was conceived and created by Zach Krausnick and David Starfire, and the artwork was curated by Archival Ink Gallery and will feature artists such as Alex Grey, Mars1, Mear One, Hans Haveron, Luke Brown, Mugwort and more. This will debut at The Do LaB’s Lightning in a Bottle festival which takes place May 25-30 at Lake Antonio in California and expected attendance is over 20,000. Zach Krausnick, who has worked in the VR field making games and bespoke visual performance pieces is the lead concept designer and programmer for the project. David Starfire is a music producer/DJ that is known for his electronic world fusion and is the sound designer and music composer for the project as well as concept ideas.

Here is a demo of what the VR experience will look like!

New remix out for iLL.Gates song “More Tea”!


My remix of the ill.Gates song “More Tea” on Muti Music is out now with a stellar lineup of remixers including Liquid Stranger, Mr. Bill and Jason Hou!

David Starfire Karuna Burmese Collaboration Benefit Album OUT NOW!


The ‘Karuna’ Burmese Refugee collaborative benefit album is completed and out for the world to hear it! Thanks again to my family, friends and fans to make this dream a reality! Below is the main link to share with friends and to donate to the cause. 100% of the profits go to Thai Freedom House, a non-profit organization located in Chiang Mai devoted to educating Burmese refugees through language, arts and academic programs. You and your friends can donate any amount for the album or individual tracks. This is a grassroots campaign and would be grateful if you would post to your social media outlets to get the word out. Thanks!

David Starfire with Burmese refugee students at Thai Freedom House

A big thanks to Android Jones for creating the beautiful album cover, photographer Jeff Warner for beautiful photos and videos, all of the collaborators including Alex Grey, Govinda, William Close and the Earth Harp, HÄANA, Jamie Janover, Joaqopelli and Oriel Poole. Burmese musician collaborators include Chi Suwichan, Au, Doo Plout, Len Pong, Gonlao, Wat Pa Pao temple drummers, Wat Mai Thung Salae temple drummers and more!

Tomorrow I have a show in the LA area at Zanzibar and in Toronto (Canada) on March 5th and would love to see you there! Click on links below to check out the event pages. Lots of surprises and giveaways including T-Shirts, crystal thumb drive necklaces the includes the Karuna album, video, pics and my entire discography. I’ll be selling a limited number of these thumb drives and send a email to starfirelist1@yahoo.com if you are interested!

Los Angeles area Album Release Party March 2nd at Zanzibar!

Canadian Album Release Party March 5th in Toronto, Canada!

Usb drive_Crystals_4 pic_Fotor

I am so blessed to have Alex Grey on the album and he recited “The One,” which is from his Art Psalms book. Alex’ vision for unity and oneness resonates well with Karuna and he is an enthusiastic supporter of the cause.
David Starfire_Alex Grey

Another amazing collaborator is America’s Got Talent runner up, William Close and the Earth Harp. Here we are in William’s studio for the song ‘Tenaku’ and will be collaborating more in the future!
David Starfire_William Close_Studio

Thanks again for all of your support and so grateful that my friends, family and fans believed in me and my vision of creating this album, and also to help the Burmese Refugees directly with much need contributions for education and language studies.

Blessings, David Starfire

FREE David Starfire remix of “Obsidian Beats” by Kaya Project!

Kaya Project - Obsidian Beats (David Starfire Remix)_Album Cover
Free remix! Grab my remix of “Obsidian Beats” by Kaya Project that’s part of the remix album ‘So It Was’ that will be coming out soon and features remixes by GAUDI, Desert Dwellers and others! If you’re not familiar with bandcamp, you have to enter “0” for the price to get the remix for free HERE!