New David Starfire album “Awakening” released for FREE on his new label!

As a gift to my fans, I’m releasing my new album “Awakening” for free on my newly created label, Amrita Recordings for three weeks! I put so much love into this album and feel that I’m now at a turning point in my life. So, this record is about new beginnings and awakening to how everyone is connected through the vibrations of music. I hope you enjoy it! You’ll find that I’m diving deeper in the Psydub genre, fusing music and voices from Tuva, Nepal, Tibet, India, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Morocco, Brazil, Egypt, Turkey and Australia. I assembled an all-star cast of musicians, collaborators and remixers for this worldly journey. Ganga Giri, one of Australia’s most acclaimed didgeridoo players, is featured on the funky psychedelic glitch hop song Daksha. Jamie Janover, one of the top dulcimer players in the country, is featured on the deep and entrancing song Duality. On the song Sharaj, my long time collaborator Rik Shiva is featured posthumously, as the song was recorded only months before his passing. On the melodious song Sultan Stomp, the master oud player Inner Forest is featured. Kaya Project, well known in the world beat genre, and one of my favorite artists, produced an up-tempo dancehall remix of Sharaj. Finally the last song on the album, Veer La Lutz, is an original unreleased song by Kalya Scintilla that was remixed by me. The stunning and psychedelic artwork was created by well-known visionary artist, Shawn Hocking. I hope you enjoy the album as much as I fun had making it!

David Starfire_Awakening

David Starfire interview by Warp Academy!

I was interviewed about my music production by Vespers at the Warp Academy and was an great experience! The questions were mostly about making music and the programs, VST’s etc I use to produce it. It’s an hour long and we get really into it!

Sizzla remix out!

My remix of Blessed by Sizzla is out on Muti Music! Other remixers include Andreilien, SON OF KICK, Diamond Saints and more!

Free Outkast remix!

I’ve just released my free remix of Outkast’s “Bombs over Baghdad” and has already been featured in 6 different blogs including DJ times! Grab the free download on Soundcloud!