“Seasons” Remix Album out now!

New Release! The remix album for “Seasons” (ft Shri) co-produced with Stephan Jacobs is out now on Muti Music! The album features the winning remixes from the Skio Music remix contest including Danny Shinx, Mighty Boy, and Alex Parker as well as some of the remixes that were “honorable mentions” including Killadaze, FakerKidz, Jacops, Micho, FakerKidz, and TIGEREYES. We’ve also added a special guest remix by Andreilien! The original artwork was created by NoMe and was reimagined by Mugwort Designs. Listen / Download here ▶︎ https://fanlink.to/SeasonsRemixed

New Single “Rise” and $100 dance video contest!

I’m so excited about my new song “Rise” that I decided to create a Dance Video Contest for it! I’ve seen some great dance videos from fans in the past and would love to see some for this song! All of the details are HERE and check out the main details below. “Rise” features vocals and instruments from Tuva, Tibet, India, Africa, and the Middle East. You can stream it on SoundCloud or it’s a free DL on Bandcamp HERE. It will also be available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and Beatport on March 25th.

Bassnectar X David Starfire & Stephan Jacobs Official Mashup!

At Bassnectar’s 360 NYE show, he produced a mashup of “Seasons” and his song “Psyopia” (Bassnectar Remix) from his side project Nauxfaux. “Seasons” is co-produced with Stephan Jacobs and features Shri on vocals. I’m an old friend of Bassnectar from years ago and used to open up for him in SF and LA shows. “Seasons” was released on Muti Music and you can check it out on your favorite platform here.

Elk Soldier Recording project with SOOHAN!

I’m producing an album for the Native American Sioux Pow Wow group Elk Soldier in S. Dakota with SOOHAN. We’re also collaborating on a remix EP that will feature their songs and we’re very excited about it! More details coming soon and we hope to have the EP ready this spring/summer.