SOOHAN’s remix of “Lapis” is out now!

Soohan, the Global Bass music producer from Baltimore, created an epic remix of my track “Lapis (ft. Shri) and video created by Michael Strauss. The remix is on his Archetapes album along with amazing heavy hitting tracks. It’s a free download HERE!

New David Starfire video and track on Govindia’s Reconnaissance compilation!

My new track “Nataraja” was released on Govinda’s Reconnaissance compilation on Gravitas Recordings! The ethnic flavored trap song features the Indian vocalist Shri and throat singer Patrick D. Other artists on the compilation include Govinda, Filastine, Dirtwire, Morillo ft. PAWZ, DRRTYWULVZ, Dysphemic ft. Yiani Treweeke, and more! The video was shot at the JunXion NYE show in New York and features Tani Serene and HÄANA. Filmed and edited by Shay Motion.
Download and stream HERE!

New David Starfire Remix for Kai Altair’s song Ancient Future!

I’m so excited to share the remix I produced for Kai Altair’s song “Ancient Future” off her Shapeshifter Remix album that was released! The album also features beautiful remixes by Desert Dwellers, Govinda Music, Kaminanda, Living Light, HÄANA, Erothyme, Sera Solstice, Haj i Ji, and Joro Boro! The amazing artwork is by Mugwort Designs.

Listen and purchase via Bandcamp HERE
Stream via Soundcloud HERE

David Starfire releases new ep Lapis and video!

So excited that my new EP Lapis it out with so many great collaborations and remixes on this release! It opens up with the title track and features the amazing Indian vocalist, Shri. The track takes inspiration from trap and hip hop, then I add my signature sound with instruments from India including the bansuri (flute), tabla, and the santoor (hammered dulcimer). The second track, “Shock”, is a stunning glitch hop-twerk dance floor slammer that features the Ragga Twins, the award-winning vocalists that were featured on Skrillex’s Grammy-winning album Recess. This track also features instruments from India including the tumbi, bansuri, and dhol drums. The third track, “Kunja Bihari”, is a remix that I produced from my side project with FreQ Nasty, the Dub Kirtan All Stars. The remix features the Grammy-nominated singer Chaytanya, known for her enchantingly beautiful and unique voice. The last track, “Reflection (feat. Irina Mikhailova)”, is a remarkable remix by the extraordinary UK producer, Kaya Project. The amazing digital painter Mugwort created the cover art. I’m so blessed to work with so many talented musicians and vocalists from around the world! Free download HERE

Video from Symbiosis Gathering with amazing dancers Ishani, Sofiah, Hailey, Luna Moon, and Aradia. The track is the title track to Lapis featuring vocals by Shri! Video by Marc and Illuminatrix. Big thanks to the Grand Artique!