Dub Kirtan Allstars album “Bhakti Juggernaut” out now!

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My side project with FreQ Nasty called the Dub Kirtan All Stars just released our new album “Bhakti Juggernaut”! The album is a powerful and alluring ride thru the Kirtan vocal tradition of the South Asia fused with the Beats and Bass of 21 Century Club music. Covering a broad palette of styles from Hip Hop to Trap to Dubstep and the more traditional Dub music. We created the record to inspire those looking for music with a strong heart and a positive message. We worked with some of the best vocalists in the Kirtan scene in their search for new context for ancient spirituality. The album features Chaytanya, SriKala, MC Yogi, Donna De Lory, J Brave, Arjun Baba, Lili Haydn, Rik Sharaj, Ysanne Spevack, DVine 1 and Claire Thompson.

Recording Burmese Refugees in Thailand for “Karuna” album.

So blessed to be in Thailand recording Burmese musicians for my “Karuna” album! This photo is of preliminary recordings at Wat Pa Pao temple in Chiang Mai with amazing Shan (Tai/Burmese) musicians. The leader is Len Pa and will be recording him and his band the next couple of weeks before going to Mae Sot and other areas. Thanks again to all of my kickstarter backers and this is your funding in action!

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THANK YOU!!!!!! I’m so grateful to you for pledging to my Burmese Album Kickstarter!!! It was a big success and the final number was $8,765! I was so ecstatic to reach my stretch goal and there were 231 supporters that included my friends, family, fans and strangers that were a part of this journey. I couldn’t have done it alone and big part of this campaign was my incredible partner Tani Serene. She endured the late nights, brainstorming sessions and making sure I had time to get work done. Some people think that kickstarters are easy $, but it was a full time job sending out Facebook messages, emails, contacting blogs etc… There were amazing people that really came through that provided me with wonderful rewards including Shannon Shiang with Skins and Stones, Alan Joseph Designs and Luminous Flower. I also had help from my management The Madero Group and big love to my friend Ryan Powell that produced the video. I now can start finalizing plans for my trip and plan to be there mid Dec-mid Feb and hope to have the album done by April or May. I’ll keep everyone updated and will be an amazing adventure! 
Thanks again and I love you all!! Best, David

Kickstarter Launched For Burmese Refugees Album Project!

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I’ve just launched a KICKSTARTER for my next album where I plan to live in Thailand for 2 months to record and produce an album with Burmese Refugees. Proceeds from the album sales will go directly back to their community for language and educational services.

There are over 2 million refugees that have left Burma (also known as Myanmar) since 1962 when the military junta took away their freedom and many have fled to Thailand. Even though the government has transitioned to an elected government, not much has changed and they can’t go back to their homeland in fear of persecution. With this migration, their music and culture is becoming a lost art. I hope to bring about awareness to their situation and also share their music with the world. Music is the language that everyone understands, it’s healing and hope to bring communities from around the world closer together.

I’m calling the album “Karuna”, which means compassion in Sanskrit, and refers to the desire to remove suffering from people that are displaced from their homeland. After the album is created, the profits from this future album will go directly to those in need. I’m partnering up with the Thai Freedom House in Chiang Mai which is a non-profit organization that offers language and educational services to Burmese Refugees.

I know that music can make a difference in peoples lives and with this project I hope to give back to those who need it most. I’m really excited about this project so check out the video and I have some great rewards like to have me come DJ in your living room!

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