Keepsake out now!

My new song “Keepsake” is out now and it’s a collaboration with up-and-coming Bay Area artist Arula. The song also features hypnotic percussion by Drumspyder, and Oud by World music virtuoso, Jef Stott. Drawing from our unique musical backgrounds we felt inspired to create a track that is both fun and evocative as well as haunting and prayerful, an anthem to the earth that we feel celebrates the dualities of both the masculine and feminine archetypes. “Keepsake” is a call to action to be better stewards of the earth as well as a celebration to remember our capacity to create change. The beautiful artwork is by the visionary artist Olivia Curry. Stream/DL the song to your favorite platform HERE!

arula · David Starfire & Arula – Keepsake (ft. Drumspyder & Jef Stott) EDM Identity Premiere