“Standing Tall” Remix out Now!

I’m really excited about the remix I produced for Suniel Fox on his Everwide (The Remixes) EP. He’s an up and coming artist from LA and the song is titled “Standing Tall” and has a Future Bass vibe. Stream or download it to your favorite platform

“Walking in the Sun” Out Now!

I have a new single out titled “Walking In The Stars” on Gravitas Recordings that was produced with my friends Bosa, and AHEE. I’m really excited about this collaboration and we worked on it for months. The song features vocals by Sunev and has enticing tribal rhythms to escort you on an introspective journey. Download or stream to your favorite platform HERE!

“Future Self” EP out now!

My new “Future Self” EP is out now on Gravitas Recordings! I’m heading in a new direction, more cinematic with big strings, giant toms, and ethereal vocals. The EP opens up with a 2,000 year old “Vishnu” mantra from the temples of India, featuring Mumbai vocalist Shri pay respects to the principal deity of Hinduism. I collaborated with Bulgarian vocalist Sonja Alexandra Drakulich, from the internationally acclaimed world music ensemble StellaMara, in “Izgrejala”. Jef Stott and Australian world-renown didgeridoo player Ganga Giri are presented in “Osho”. For the first remix off of the EP, Boston’s Zebbler Encanti Experience teleports my track “Primal (feat. SOOHAN)” into space. Fellow ethno-group DISSØLV fulfills its mission to stimulate minds and ears with its remix of “This Sound.” Wrapping up the EP, Baltimore/Los Angeles global bass producer SOOHAN presents a fast-paced and lively remix of “Jungle (feat. Patrick D).” The artwork was created by the digital artist Beeple! Stream or download to your favorite music service HERE

“Trundai” remix out now!

My new remix for the song “Trundai” by Aazav is out now! It’s an incredible new project from my friends Kai Altair and Haj Ji. Kai’s amazing voice is from the heavens and Haj’s production mastery was great to work with. The beautiful artwork is by Salvia Droid. Listen to it below and Stream/DL to your favorite platform HERE.