Na Hearn Remixes Out Now!

I’m so excited that 2 remixes on my Na Hearn Remixes EP that is out now for streaming and download! These songs were off of my Karuna album where I traveled to the Thai-Burma border-zones to collaborate with Burmese refugee musicians. All of the proceeds go towards a non-profit to pay for education for Burmese refugee children. The first track is remixed by Vancouver favorites Delhi2Dublin. The second remix is produced by NYC producer Spiro B. Yond. The original album cover was created by the digital painter Android Jones and was re-imagined by Donnie Pitts. Check out the video produced by Morley Sullivan & Kendall Jorgensen. You can download the EP for free or stream it from your favorite platform HERE!

CloZee Black Panther remix!

I remixed “Black Panther” by CloZee on her “Harmony Remixes” album that’s out on Gravitas Recordings! Listen to it below and download or stream on your favorite platforms HERE!

Sonic Boom Shiva EP and Videos!

I’m so excited to announce that my new Sonic Boom Shiva EP has been released to the world! It starts off with 2 new tracks, “Let’s Go” and “Sonic Boom Shiva.” The EP also features up and coming remixers including PawZ from Los Angeles that remixed Osi off of my Karuna album featuring violin by HA╠łANA. Dysphemic, a sought-after producer from Australia, created a beautiful and hard-hitting remix for Nataraja. The last track is a remix by Ahee, who brings the New Bounce flavor to David’s song “Shock.” This song also features the award-winning rappers the Ragga Twins. The entire EP has a harder edge and I wanted to create something for the dancefloor. The beautiful and amazing album art was created by Mugwort Designs. I love the music video created for “Let’s Go” and it was shot at Cascadia fest and produced by Stasis Creative. The video for “Sonic Boom Shiva was shot and edited by Fem de Film at the Lumerian NYE party in Oregon. The dancers featured are Tenley Wallace and Vezika. The visuals and lights are by Kenny J and Ixikos. You can download the EP for free or stream it from your favorite platform HERE

Deya Dova Remix for Serpents Egg!

My remix of “Serpents Egg” from the Myth of the Cave remix album by Deya Dova is part of an incredible release that includes remixes from Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla, An-ten-nae, Axel Thesleff, Drumspyder, saQi, Kaminanda & Luke Mandala. I’m so blessed to be a part of an amazing remix project and was really feeling the vibe of the song. Listen to it below and download or stream from other platforms HERE