“Samba Lento” out now!

“Samba Lento” (Rio Mix) is a collaboration with the Brazilian live electronic band Sociedade Recreativa. I met the band leader Maga Bo at the Winter Music Conference many years ago and we instantly became friends through our passion for world music. I was blown away by the original song “Samba Lento” and reached out to him to collaborate on a reimagined version of the song. The track features live Brazillian instruments such as the berimbau, violao, tamborim, hand claps, cavaquinho, and guiro. This captivating song draws you in with half-time beats mixed with heavy bass and Brazillian instruments. This song is a perfect amalgamation of Brazillian music mixed with Trap that will transport the listener to a steamy underground club in Rio. It’s out now on all platforms and Stream/Download > HERE