Bass Chakra Sound Healing

David Starfire has developed a Bass Chakra sound healing session that is available for public and private events. This unique fusion of ancient teachings with modern technology is used to heal the body and to enrich the spirit. Subsonic tones and tranquil music along with visuals and guided meditation contribute to a multi-sensory transformative experience. The meditation is based on the 9th century BCE Indian 7 chakra Kundalini system that is an established practice. Beautiful visuals created by Michael Strauss coincide with the chakra points and corresponding colors. David has developed this program for many years with his vast musical experience and extensive research. The experience can be guided or non-guided depending on the event.  The meditation is experienced using a sound system and/or with headphones and a SUBPAC, which is a physical audio device that allows your body to feel subsonic frequencies that the ear can’t hear. 

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