“Samba Lento” out now!

“Samba Lento” (Rio Mix) is a collaboration with the Brazilian live electronic band Sociedade Recreativa. I met the band leader Maga Bo at the Winter Music Conference many years ago and we instantly became friends through our passion for world music. I was blown away by the original song “Samba Lento” and reached out to him to collaborate on a reimagined version of the song. The track features live Brazillian instruments such as the berimbau, violao, tamborim, hand claps, cavaquinho, and guiro. This captivating song draws you in with half-time beats mixed with heavy bass and Brazillian instruments. This song is a perfect amalgamation of Brazillian music mixed with Trap that will transport the listener to a steamy underground club in Rio. It’s out now on all platforms and Stream/Download > HERE

David Starfire · David Starfire & Sociedade Recreativa – Samba Lento (Rio Mix)

“Remixed Vol 1” Out Now!

Remixed Vol 1 EP features some up-and-coming producers. First up is the song “Nataraja” (feat Shrii) was remixed by South Korean producer KizuKim. The Bay area artist Mystral remixed “Osho”, which features Oud by Jef Stott, and didgeridoo by Ganga Giri. The bass-heavy song “Sonic Boom Shiva” was remixed by ToneVision out of Indiana. It’s out now on all platforms HERE

David Starfire · David Starfire – Remixed Vol. 1

“Empyrean” single out now!

My new song “Empyrean” is out now! It’s a funky glitch-hop slammer and it’s available on all services HERE!

David Starfire · David Starfire – Empyrean

“Sirens” EP Out Now!

My new concept EP “Sirens” inspired by the NY Times bestselling book “The Outlaw Ocean” by Ian Urbina is out! The author sent me audio samples, video, and the book to write music inspired by his book. Musically it’s very cinematic and intense compared to my global bass sound. I’m so excited to share this music with you and this EP was created to promote ocean conservation and awareness about the crimes that occur in the seas. Stream or DL to your fav platform HERE

David Starfire · Sirens (Inspired by 'The Outlaw Ocean' a book by Ian Urbina)