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David Starfire has produced music for psychedelic experiences and research for over 15 years. He's facilitated music at psychedelic therapy retreats with well known therapists including Sunny Strasburg, and Richard Schwartz (IFS). He worked with Phil Wolfson (MAPS researcher, The Ketamine Papers) on the K Dome virtual Burning Man Project.

In 2020, David co-founded PsyAssist with Sunny Strasburg, a VR and Phone app that features music and guided meditation for psychedelic therapy and will be released in 2023. David helped to develop the TRIPP meditation phone app where he contributed music and was the main curator of the content that features the likes of Moby and Ram Dass. David worked on projects with SUBPAC (tactile audio device) for somatic sound healing therapy. David is currently the head of music and sound at TRIPP VR, the #1 meditation platform in virtual reality. David released an album featuring meditations by Ram Dass titled Alchemy of the Heart  in the summer of 2023.

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